Self-managed. Client-driven.

Call us rigorous. Thorough. Even downright dogged. ChaseLane Consulting provides full-service planning and marketing support to deliver what you really need .

We take the time to understand your company and your industry. We address the thorny issues and help you develop on-target solutions. We tease out important messages, then we present them in straightforward, resonant terms in print and online. We provide deft project management, keen communication skills, and a passion for getting things right.

We’ve worked with teams, led cross-functional initiatives, presented to senior executives and boards, and delivered and implemented plans for numerous clients. We manage the project from start to finish with all of your players, on budget and on time.

We look forward to doing the same for you. Learn more about the Founders or our Team.

The Founders

Jeanne Chase Tiscareno

Fast-learning and resourceful strategist, marketer, and overall guiding force behind great projects.

Margaret Lane

Analytically rigorous, executive-level strategy consultant with deep healthcare expertise.

Jeanne Chase Tiscareno

I’m an expert at turning complex, disparate information into clear, cohesive, actionable plans. I quickly learn businesses and easily shift from high-level strategy work to detailed implementation. In my many year career, I’ve served as Strategist, Business Plan Architect, Communicator and Project Director. I’ve spent significant time working for hospital systems such as PeaceHealth, Swedish, Providence and UW Medicine Harborview, where my projects regularly gain board approval for implementation. I’ve crossed the globe to help Microsoft and other global organizations such as Accenture, Ernst and Young and Verizon on technology marketing initiatives.

Margaret Lane

I have deep and broad expertise in healthcare, where I’ve served as a VP of Products and Strategic Planning at a large multi-state payer, and have also worked in public policy, strategic and operational planning, and academics. My clients include Physicians Insurance, Qualis Health, Providence Health Plan, the Washington Vaccine Association, and the Alaska Vaccine Assessment Program.

My J.D. degree is from Northwestern University and I have a B.A. from Stanford University. Over my career, I’ve survived and thrived on Wall Street training and East Coast exposure; lived for a time in Paris, Melbourne (on a Fulbright grant), and the San Juan Islands.