New Products


Product Portfolio Assessment

Many health care organizations choose to start a product development process with a thorough assessment of their current product portfolio to understand which products are selling, meeting customer needs, and generating revenue at targeted levels. We can review your service, insurance, employee, wellness, or other portfolios across a number of dimensions and deliver recommendations on new or changing opportunities for your products. Our efforts can also expose products that may have lost momentum in the market or slipped into obsolescence.


Product Definition and Planning

If a new product opportunity is on your business horizon, we can help you define what it is, why it’s needed, and how to develop and market it. We work with your cross-functional teams to define the product concept, draft customer and business requirements, develop a product marketing plan, and document the design-to-implementation process. At each point, we ensure that your product’s value proposition is one you stand behind and differentiates your organization.


Product Development

If your organization lacks a product development function today we can train your team or do it for you. Once your product is ready to develop, we can help jumpstart your organization’s internal product development capabilities. We interview your team, assess their talents and gaps, and determine what cross-functional linkages are working or needed. We then hold onsite meetings, one-on-one coaching, and workshops to take you through the steps of the product lifecycle so you can move the project forward independently. We can also customize and share our checklists, documentation, templates and processes to suit your project.

If you’ve got a great product to develop but don’t have a product team in place, we can step in to lead your organization from design through launch and implementation, working with your senior team to obtain approvals at the right stages of the process. Our approach is fast but comprehensive because we know what’s needed at each stage of the product development process, and we involve the right people.